Best Movie Franchises

Here are my personal picks for what I consider the best movie franchises, I wouldn't say these are the absolute best of all-time, but these are just what I consider, so enjoy

1. Star Wars
2. The Lord of the Rings
3. James Bond
4. Marvel Cinematic Universe
5. Harry Potter
6. Alien
7. The Godfather
8. Terminator
9. Jurassic Park
10. Toy Story
11. Indiana Jones
12. The Dark Knight
13. Spider-Man
14. X-Men
15. Kung Fu Panda
16. Mad Max
17. Back to the Future
18. Bourne
19. Mission: Impossible
20. Die Hard

Honorable Mentions: Planet of the Apes, Lethal Weapon, Batman, Superman, Shrek, Tom Clancy, Jackass, 3 Flavor Cornetto, The Naked Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, The Matrix, Madagascar, Godzilla, King Kong, Blade, Riddick, Harold & Kumar, Fast & Furious, Star Trek, The Hunger Games, Paranormal Activity, The Hobbit, The Pink Panther, Rocky, Rambo, Men in Black, Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Austin Powers, Insidious

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